helps you improve the health of your dog(s).

(We think they deserve it)


Our Breeding Programs

  • Help you decrease the incidence of genetic disorders in your breed (fast), and
  • Limit the loss of genetic variation.
  • Can include advanced DNA tests that help you accomplish difficult breeding goals.
  • Consist of not just advice, but provide real guidance in accomplishing your goals.

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Our DNA Services

  • Include the use of powerful DNA tests to monitor and improve your breed's genetic health, and
  • The development of new genetic tests, together with you.

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Our online Dog Health Diary

  • Lets you document the most important health information of your dog, and
  • Analyze trends with easy to understand progress charts.
  • Lets you share and discuss the health progress with your vet, and
  • Learn from the collective experiences of other dog owners and our health library.

Dog Health Diary is still in development and initially for dogs with diabetes only.
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About First Friend

First Friend is me, René van den Ham. Veterinarian by education, I continued my career as a researcher. In my free time, I try to support dog breeders and owners in improving the health of their best friends.

To offer the best service and products available, I collaborate with experts and professionals from industry and universities. That is why I often say "we" when I refer to First Friend.

You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn page. Feel free to send me an invitation too!